Corporate Giving 

Workplace Giving Campaigns

DSC_92181United Arts helps engage employees of philanthropic corporations through
workplace giving campaigns.

Planning for workplace giving campaigns is year-round, but focuses on campaign timing. Ongoing goals include increasing participation at existing campaigns and soliciting new businesses to participate. Each workplace giving campaign impacts arts and culture in Central Florida not only by monetary means, but also by raising awareness and community responsibility.

A workplace giving campaign can be as simple as a 10 to 15-minute presentation about United Arts, our cultural partners and giving opportunities. Most campaigns last for one week and incorporate in-office activities, employee incentives and an easy payroll-deduction system. Donor benefits apply.  United Arts currently runs 40 workplace giving campaigns.


United Arts Workplace Giving Program Information Sheet

United Arts Workplace Arts Fair Information Sheet


For more information on workplace giving, or to inquire about starting a Campaign in your workplace,
please contact:

Arika Richardson
Development Manager