Diversity & Inclusion 


United Arts of Central Florida recently announced the Diverse Leadership Pipeline to help diversify board leadership positions at local nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. This new program will connect individuals who may be a good match based on their interests and skill sets but also based on their diverse perspectives.

The vision of United Arts is to increase access to the arts for all people of Central Florida by 2025. To achieve this vision, United Arts has set strategic goals to be more intentional about diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility and this program is an important pathway.

At the core of arts and culture is diversity, but equity cannot be achieved without the inclusion of diverse people in the decision-making process at the board leadership level. Learn more about the Diverse Leadership Pipeline here: https://unitedarts.cc/diverse-leadership-pipeline/






Diversity & Inclusion Resources

  1. Marketing Series – Target Marketing to Diverse Communities
  2. Where Can I Find Diverse Candidates for a Board or Staff Position?
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Marketing Series – Target Marketing To Diverse Communities: 

Marketing Series Description:

United Arts’ Marketing Series brings together Marketing professionals from Central Florida’s arts and cultural community on a monthly basis. The current topic of focus, supported in-part by funds from Duke Energy, is the creation of a collaborative Marketing campaign to target market to diverse communities in Central Florida. The goal of this effort is to educate the arts and cultural community on the importance of target marketing to diverse communities, to reach and expose new audiences to Central Florida’s arts and cultural community, and to make arts and culture available and accessible to everyone.

MEETINGS (click links to view handouts):

Where Can I Find Diverse Candidates for a Board or Staff Position?

Building a diverse board leadership takes a long-term commitment to building relationships.

Here is a list of some places to start:
The Diverse Leadership Pipeline

Diverse Professional Associations in Central Florida 

Beyond Political Correctness: Building a Diverse Board

Spread the word about your open staff position through diverse channels, such as the list of diverse professional associations above, diverse job fairs, etc. See more at How to Increase Workplace Diversity,  We’re Not That Hard to Find, and make diversity part of your organizational culture. Also, be aware of federal laws.

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