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Arts Advocacy

What we do:

United Arts and Orange Arts & Cultural Affairs Advocacy Committee work in concert with the Florida Cultural Alliance statewide advocacy agency, primarily for increased state arts funding. We will notify you of advocacy alerts when we need your help to contact legislators to request support for increasing statewide arts funding. If you want to be included in alert emails, please send your contact information to:

State of Florida Funding:


Just the facts:

  • Platform for REQUEST – the ONE-SHEET for 2021 state arts funding
  • DCA Ranking and Recommendations:
    – 659 well-vetted, ranked & recommended Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs’ matching grants qualify for $59,849,052 in total state investments under the four DCA-funding categories for 2020-21 state funding. 
    – 41 counties – 61% of Florida’s 67 counties — comprise the recommended 659 total matching grant requests – (County by county listing);
    – 4-county Central Florida — 60 requests for $5,019,441 (platforms by county & request detail)
  • Funding dependent upon appropriations from FL Legislature – $20M House & Senate approved budget recommendation – PENDING

Engaging our legislators: 

  1. Make the ASKS now of our State Legislators to support the appropriations needed to fully fund the 2020-21 Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) matching-grant recommendations, $59.8M for 659 organizations, statewide.
  2. Thank them for the increased support this year (2019-20) funding of $21.25M, statewide. Let them know what it means to your organization, your community, and overall to the County.
  3. Invite legislators to your events – for either a tour, a performance, or a brief speaking opportunity or a meet&greet with your chair and/or key donors. Or, as a walk-on role in your production!

CONTACTS AT Florida Cultural Alliance and Florida legislature:

  1. Florida Cultural Alliance: Jennifer Jones, executive director; at Florida Cultural Alliance – Advocacy Resource Guide 
  2. Contacts for State of FL Government – House-Senate-Local leadership
  3. Need more info about Central Florida’s arts advocacy, Arts & Culture Advocacy Day in Tallahassee, or Orange County’s Arts & Cultural Affairs Advocacy Committee, contact

Updated 4/20/20 – tdw


State of Florida, Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) arts funding for 2019-20 is:

  • $21,250,028 in APPROPRIATIONS APPROVED under the Florida Department of State (DOS) Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) in FY 2019-20 State budget for three of the four DCA matching-grant categories:
    – $2,980,028 to fully fund all 132 Culture Builds Florida Matching Grants
    -$12,300,000 for Cultural and Museum Matching Grants (provides approximately 29% of each of the 478 recommended grant amounts)
    -$5,970,000 for Cultural Facilities Matching Grants (funded first 18 on ranked list fully, and partially funds #19)
  • This budget allocation brings Florida from 48th place, back up to 20th in the nation, in state arts funding!