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To address board vacancies and succession at our region’s nonprofit arts and cultural organizations, United Arts created the Diverse Leadership Pipeline to help the entire arts and cultural sector recruit new members.
This program will help connect individuals who may be a good match based on their interests and skill sets, with local arts and cultural nonprofit organizations. It’s designed to help ensure the leadership of Central Florida’s arts and cultural community reflects its diverse population. Without diverse people included in the decision-making process of our boards, we will not reach our vision that all people of Central Florida have access to the arts.
1. Review the cultural organizations’ profiles below, and then 2. Complete the application at the bottom of this page or on the organization’s profile page!

If your nonprofit arts and/or cultural organization would like to be included, please reach out to Sean Thurman, Marketing & Communications Director at United Arts: Sean@UnitedArts.cc.

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Florida Symphony Youth Orchestras

Music Contact: Eddie Fee
Address 4965 N Palm Ave. Winter Park Florida 32792


We are looking to increase our corporate connections on the Board. As far as skills, we are looking for more Board knowledge in Marketing, HR, and Fundraising skills. DEI wise, we have a fairly diverse Board with 5/13 women and representation from the following races: Asian, Indian, BIPOC. That said, we are always looking for ways to further our DEI efforts, and always open to even more diversity.

  • Currently, our give/get is $500. So within the season, each BOD member needs to bring in $500, give $500, or a combination of the two.
  • Rolling acceptance, room permitting.
  • Each term is a 3 year commitment, and we have a maximum of 3 terms in a lifetime.
  • BOD meetings take place on Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm every other month. Outside of BOD Meetings, each member will be on a minimum of one committee, and those committees meet as needed but at a minimum of once during the off months of BOD meetings. For example, if there is a BOD meeting in April and June, the committee would meet during May. We also expect BOD members to attend as many concerts as possible and volunteer at said concerts. We typically have around 7 concerts per season.
  • Yes, we have the following current committees: Executive, Finance, Fundraising, Institutional Spaces, Marketing, and Nominating.


Florida Symphony Youth Orchestras empowers young musicians to achieve excellence and inspire their communities through a shared love of music.

Ready to be a board member? Contact Us

Central Florida residents interested in serving on the board of directors of a local arts and culture non-profit: United Arts of Central Florida, your local arts agency, has introduced the Diverse Leadership Pipeline with information about Board leadership in nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and an opportunity for you to self-nominate on one common form that allows you to designate the organizations where you wish to be considered for Board service. United Arts will forward this information to the organizations that you designate interest in so that they are aware of your interest and can consider your application for Board Leadership. Please make sure to read the organization’s profiles so that you are clear on their unique Board service expectations for your time, talent, and treasures. If you are open to any organization, United Arts will assist in making a connection for you!

Thank you in advance for your time, attention, and willingness to serve the Central Florida arts and culture community! Please note that filling out the form does not guarantee board placement.

Thank you in advance for your time, attention, and willingness to serve the Central Florida arts and culture community! Please note that filling out the form does not guarantee board placement.