What We Do 

African Dance 2 - photo by Kieshalia Stephens1United Arts provides support for more than 50 local arts, sciences and history organizations through four fundamental grant programs.

  • To promote the viability and vitality of the core cultural community, the region’s cornerstone cultural organizations receive stabilizing operating support through Operating Support Grants. This past year,
    • 14 large budget institutions (operating budgets of $750,000-plus) shared $1,210,000;
    • 12 midsize budget institutions (operating budgets of $250,000-$749,999) shared $125,000;
    • 13 small budget institutions (operating budgets of $25,000-$249,999) shared 65,000.
  • To encourage the incubation of ideas and creativity for the good of the entire cultural community, Mini-Grants provide up to $2,500 per organization per year. Such grants target smaller budget, multicultural and grassroots organizations not specifically served by other, existing United Arts grants programs. This past year, 16 nonprofit organizations received awards totaling $22,500.


  • And to provide out-of-school cultural experiences for all ages, from toddlers to senior citizens, $18,840 in Arts Learning Mini-Grants were awarded to nine organizations.

Learn more about our grantees here.

United Arts as Fiscal Agent

As partners in support of cultural tourism United Arts works with Orange County's Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs to award Cultural Tourism and Cultural Facilities funding.  Both programs are supported by tourist development tax (TDT) revenues. Cultural Tourism Funding supports projects that attract tourists, stimulate local economies and generate new jobs.  Last year, total grants of $1.97 million were awarded. Cultural Facilities Funding supports the acquisition, renovation, construction or equipping of museums and performance venues in Orange County. This past cycle, $893,547 was awarded.

Since 2013, United Arts has acted as the arts and cultural sector fiscal agent for The Dr. P. Phillips Foundation.

To learn about grant application guidelines and deadlines, click here.