AEP6 is coming in 2022! 

That’s the year-long++ nationwide study to determine the economic impact of arts and cultural nonprofits and their audiences. Throughout 2022, United Arts will coordinate the Central Florida Region study (seven counties of Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole and Volusia).

We hope all seven counties, cities, and arts and cultural 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations will partner with United Arts in this important national study to help us prove the value of arts and culture in this region. AEP 6 participation is voluntary. More than 200 counties/regions, and 17 statewide partners across the nation are already engaged in the AEP6 project, and we anticipate 300+ by the time the data collection begins in Spring 2022.

The AEP6 study participation involves two surveys collected throughout the coming year-plus.

  • When? Field work of survey collection begins in March 1, 2022, and will continue throughout the 12 months ending February 20, 2023.
  • What? An Organizational survey (one per nonprofit) that collects some financial and staffing information.
  • Where? The majority of the work will be Audience surveys, collected at a wide range of events that are open to the public. The survey will be widely distributed among all nonprofits in the participating counties. Ideally, we want to gather the organizational financial data from EVERY nonprofit. The audience survey will be at selected events, for certain times of the year, until we achieve a broad sample of audience surveys and myriad events throughout the year.
  • How? This year, intercept surveys will be provided and collected in three ways:
    –    PDF (traditional method: hard-copy/paper), URL/kiosk version (for tablet or computer station), and a new option: QR code (for attendees to use their own phones)
    –    All audience survey participation must take place at the program or event they attend
    –    Only one AEP6 survey per guest (not each time they might visit)

More information:

  • County and city partners – Please click on this link for the County Partner Overview for AEP6.
  • Arts and cultural nonprofit organizations – Surveys, workshops and more details will be shared as they become available!
  • If you have questions about AEP6, please contact

Thank you to all who assisted in collecting organizational expenditure surveys and audience surveys, to help Central Florida Region show how important our arts and culture industry is to this region’s residents, visitors, and to the economy!

Together we collected budget and attendance information from 218 eligible nonprofit cultural organizations in the seven-county Central Florida Region, a 31.6% response of the 690+/- registered cultural nonprofits.


Research Project Description

 AEP5 Study Results – 


AEP5 Study Results – 



Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 (AEP5);  published 2017

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AEP5 is the latest and largest (341 study regions nationwide) research project measuring the economic impact of the nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences, with Americans for the Arts. The Central Florida Region is comprised of 7 counties and 690+ nonprofit cultural organizations and government programs. United Arts of Central Florida partners with Americans for the Arts on the AEP nationwide research project, conducted every five years.QUESTIONS? For more information,
contact Trudy Wild,, 321.972.9837, or 407.628.0333, x223 ECONOMIC IMPACT CALCULATOR customized to Central Florida Region
 * Central Florida Region (one-sheet); (summary); (full report)

 * Orange County (one-sheet);(summary) (one-sheet & summary); (full report);

 * Brevard County  (summary); (full report)

 * Lake County (summary); (full report)

 * Osceola County (summary); (full report)

 * Polk County (summary); (full report)

 * Seminole County  (summary); (full report)

 * Volusia County (one-sheet); (summary); (full report)

* State of Florida (summary)
Florida Trend article

 * City of Orlando  (one-sheet); (summary); (full report)

 * City of Winter Park (one-sheet); (summary)

 * NEW! district of Loch Haven Cultural Park (one-sheet)


PRESS RELEASE/Publications from Americans for the Arts:

 * 10 Reasons to Support the Arts -March 2020-POST –  Randy Cohen

 *June 17, 2017 – United Arts – Arts & Culture Boost Central Florida Economy

 * June 16, 2017 – Americans for the Arts – Fifth National Economic Impact Study Findings Revealed

 * FL report – Americans Speak Out About the Arts, 2018

Previous study (AEP IV);
published 2012

Arts & Economic Prosperity IV

AEP IV was a nationwide research project measuring the economic impact of the nonprofit organizations and their audiences, with Americans for the Arts. 

 AEP IV Study Results:

 * Central Florida Region (full report) (one-sheet & summary)

 * Orange County (one-sheet & summary)

 * Seminole County (one-sheet & summary)

 * Osceola County (one-sheet & summary)

 * City of Orlando (one-sheet & summary)

 * City of Winter Park (one-sheet & summary)

Creative Industries (CI) Report, 2017

Americans for the Arts industry reports for 2017 — arts and culture-related companies and jobs, includes both for-profit and not-for-profit companies, by county/region/state.


* CI – Orlando Region (4-county Central Florida)  – customized UA area, including major theme parks
* CI – Orange County – customized, including major theme parks
* CI – Lake County
* CI – Osceola County
* CI – Seminole County
* CI – Brevard County
* CI – Polk County
* CI – Volusia County
* CI – State of Florida

Creative Industries (CI) Report, 2015

  — arts and culture-related companies and jobs, includes both for-profit and not-for-profit companies, by county/region/state. * CI – Orlando Region (4-county Central Florida)
* CI – Orange County
* CI – Lake County
* CI – Osceola County
* CI – Seminole County
* CI – State of Florida, 2015

 Cultural Tourism – The Arts Matter! 

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